Becoming an UNSTOPPABLE WOMAN Entrepreneur: 26 Powerhouse Industry – Leading Women



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Becoming An Unstoppable Woman Entrepreneur is written for women who are already in business as well as for women who are ready to launch themselves into the entrepreneurial world.
This anthology of 26 powerhouse-industry leading women from across the globe will inspire purpose-driven women to STAND OUT, RISE, and THRIVE!
The book’s mantra is “Collaboration OVER Competition.”

Each author’s unique and innovative perspective on Becoming An Unstoppable Woman Entrepreneur, as well as the challenges we face as women in business.
If you are facing adversities, barriers, or insecurities of any kind, then this book is for you! Inside are 26 strategies to help you achieve the unstoppable entrepreneurial mindset.
You will learn:
* How to Get Rid of Limiting Beliefs
* How to Balance Work and Life
* Collaboration Over Competition
* How to Transform from Being a Dreamer to a Doer!
* To Be Bold and Daring in Pursuing Your Dreams!
* And much, much more!
She Rises, She Leads, She Lives

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